Fenton Gray Dan Crawley
Dan Crawley

"Dan Crawley's drollery is exemplified in a highly humourous song ... Miss Lilian Bishop sings artistically, and her dancing is a graceful and dainty effort"
Empire Theatre Of Varieties, Nottingham
The Era - July 7th 1900

"Dan Crawley, comedian, evokes genuine and unrestrained mirth ... Miss Lilian Bishop's forte is dancing, of which she furnishes a very creditable exhibition."
Empire Theatre Of Varieties, Belfast
The Era - September 22nd 1900

"Mr Dan Crawley, in his style, reminds one of a more celebrated comedian; but the audience on the night of our visit set a high value upon his efforts, giving him every encouragement in comic ditties that are interspersed with patter, and rewarding him critical attention and salvoes of applause for his expert step dancing."
Sebright Temple Of Varieties, London
The Era - May 7th 1892

"Dan Crawley sings a couple of very humorous songs, and his make-up alone is sufficient to cause abundance of laughter."
Cardiff Empire
Western Mail - June 13th 1899

"Mr Dan Crawley is termed an eccentric comedian, and one of his eccentricities in his song "I Never Do" is to wring a portion of his trousers, rendered necessary, we suppose, by the character's alleged nursing of a baby. Wit of this kind appeals with irresistible force to the ladies of Shoreditch, and Mr Crawley's introduction of the little bit of business is quite justified by the peals of laughter that follow it."
The London Music Hall, Shoreditch (note: seating capacity 2332)
The Era - March 18th 1899

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